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Let us design and build your dream backyard.

We bring your imagination to life with our creative and unique design and build projects.

Escape the day-to-day life without ever leaving your home. 


A source of heat can help in extending the enjoyment season of an outdoor space, which is a priority for many of our customers.  Relaxing by a crackling fire or toasting marshmallows create family memories and add ambiance to an evening.  Outdoor fireplaces, which have been around for generations, come in either kits or custom built installations of a concrete firebox which can be clad with nearly any veneer – brick, stone, cultured stone, retaining wall block, etc.  Firepits will always be a popular choice for any outdoor entertainment area, and if the smoke and hassle of wood is not your style, let us show you the natural gas systems available. 

The fun doesn't end with the fire features, however.

   With the improvement and affordability of stainless steel grills, sinks, and appliances, the sky is the limit for outdoor kitchens.  Cooktop space, counter space, and storage are elements that are found in just about every outdoor kitchen.  Materials can vary from wall block to prebuilt units to brick, stone, and wood cabinet bases. 

The key is to identify how you are going to use it, how many people you will entertain, and how much of a feature you want to make it.  Another consideration is proximity to the house and kitchen door. We will gladly walk you through all of your options and determine the best plan to bring your backyard dreams to life.



We specialize in designing and installing :



  • Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces

  • Smoke-Less Fire Pits and Natural Gas Fire Features

  • Outdoor Pizza Ovens

  • Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

  • Water Features and Ponds

  • Pool and Spa Landscapes

  • Tropical Landscapes

  • Elegant Hardscapes

  • Pergolas

  • Gazebos

  • Outdoor Dining Areas

  • Seating Walls


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